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  • Cat Table! (=^・?・^=)
    Last year, I painted a "watermelon" table for my parents.This year, I wanted my own table!So I asked my dad to build a t…05月30日 11時59分
  • 母の日
    For Mother's Day, Peach gave me 2 bath fizz balls from Bath & Body Works!The scents are "Warm Vanilla Sugar" and "Ja…05月22日 06時44分
  • Pittsburgh Day!
    On May 1st, Gaku, my dad, and I went to Pittsburgh for the day!We went to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.5月1日…05月15日 12時06分
  • Administrative Professionals' Day
    04/26 was "Administrative Professionals' Day".My boss had a big bouquet of beautiful flowers delivered to me!She's the b…05月07日 10時52分
  • Peach's 6th Birthday!
    April 24th was Peach's birthday!He is 6 years old now, but I still call him "Baby Peach"!4月24日は、ピーチの誕生日でした!今は、かれは、6歳になりま…04月30日 12時10分
  • Easter 2017
    Last Sunday was a difficult day. Also, it was "Easter Sunday", too.せんしゅうの日曜日は、むずかしい日でした。また、それは、"イースター"(ふっかつさい)でした。 I did…04月24日 11時51分
  • Mr. Pumpkin
    I really don't like to blog about sad things...But on Sunday, our son, Mr. Pumpkin, passed away. 本当に、私は、かなしいブログをかくのが、好きで…04月20日 11時23分
  • Mario's Dockside Grille
    Today, Gaku and I ate lunch at "Mario's Dockside Grille" in Bridgewater, PA.This was my first time there, and it was rea…04月09日 10時39分
  • Maple Syrup Festival 2017
    Today, Gaku and I went with my dad to the Maple Syrup Festival at Brady's Run Park.今日は、Gakuと私は、私のお父さんと、Brady's Run Parkの…04月03日 10時00分