• Ramen & DoraPancake
    Happy Tuesday! I know I usually write a blog on Monday and Friday, but I might change to Tuesday and Friday in the futur…07月18日 18時23分
  • Japanese Beauty Haul
    Along with a suitcase full of Japanese food, I asked my parents to get me some beauty bits from Japan. Many of them are …07月15日 05時01分
  • Barcelona Tourism
    Happy Monday! Today, I would like to share some tourism places I visited in the last months. I picked my personal favori…07月11日 00時15分
  • June Favorite 2017
    Happy Friday! I can’t believe half of this year has passed already. Today I will share my June favorite. Lip Balm …07月07日 21時00分
  • We Got Married!
    I’m saying hello with good news after taking a break from blogging. We got married! It took so long and we are so …07月03日 22時00分
  • Travel Tips (SPAIN)
    Happy Monday! How was the father’s day weekend? As much as I miss my father, he and my mother are coming to Spain …06月19日 19時39分
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
    I’m so sorry that this blog post is going on Saturday, instead of Friday! I was making cookies (which is the recip…06月18日 06時54分
  • 海外留学101:住む場所
    今日はこの前のブログ記事Study Abroad 101: Place to Liveを日本語で紹介します。 留学するにあたって、どこに住むのが一番自分に合っているか? 意見は私の自身の留学経験を元にしています。 まず留学と行ってもいろいろ…06月14日 22時25分
  • Japanese Festival in Barcelona
    Happy Monday! How did you spend this weekend? I went to Japanese Festival (Matsuri BCN) in Barcelona on Sunday. I would …06月13日 03時22分
  • Study Abroad 101: Place to Live
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  • Today in 2012
    Today in 2012, we started dating. We completed 5 years together! So quick, so long, so many memories together. To celebr…06月06日 05時31分
  • May Favorite 2017
    Hi! This is my first favorite blog. I hope to continue monthly, but we will see how often I will be able to upload favor…06月02日 22時00分