Take me to your graden

Take me to your graden
Married Turkish man/ Love travelling/ Music/ Yoga/ Fashion/ Handmade/ Photograp…
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  • Teşekkür ederim ?
    Merhaba ! In this morning, we got lots of presents from his parents. They sent us lots of things for summer vacation. Th…06月22日 14時46分
  • Knick Knack store
    Merhaba ! Today we went to centre to buy daily commodities. While we were walking on street, we found one Knick Knack St…06月21日 09時54分
  • ?=?+?
    Merhaba ! Today we went to play tennis.?? Last time when I played tennis was high school PE class. It took a while until…06月20日 09時26分
  • Swinging hammock
    Merhaba ! Today we spent all the day outside for organizing our garden. Since here is vacation home, we have to organize…06月19日 11時15分
  • New Blog
    Merhaba ! From today, my blog will resume at Blogger ? If you have interest about my old blog, visit here http://pamukhe…06月18日 16時35分
  • Intense relationship with relatives
    Merhaba! In this morning, relative called us and invited for dinner.This was one of culture shocks since I married Turki…06月18日 16時03分